6 Tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement in Nigeria

1.      Make important life plans.

2.      Understand that life is more important than money

3.      Always exercise your mind

4.      Maintain a healthy weight

5.      Discover ways to relax. 

6.      Build new friendship

As a strong and a healthy worker, one might think that retirement age could be years to come, and so when retirement age hits, one is caught off guard and sometimes this could lead to stress and confusion on how to tackle life. Here are 6 tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement discussed in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy”.


1.      Make important life plans. Future is unpredictable and this calls for good planning about the future you will not stay in employment forever, a time will come for you to retire and enjoy what you have been working for. Without proper planning of the future, you might find yourself with nothing to enjoy or without enough resources to maintain you.


2.      Understand that life is more important than money – maintain a retirement planning checklist about five years prior to your retirement date. It is also important to find a real purpose when making your retirement plan and project your future try to make it interesting to avoid boredom during your retirement phase. This can revitalize the youth in you and give you excitement, happiness and fulfilment in your old age. For instance, travelling to a country that you have always desired, such as Egypt in Africa to see the pyramids.


3.      Always exercise your mind. The biggest battle is fought in the mind, once you have conquered  the mind game you have conquered all. Keep reading inspirational literature, join professional clubs, go for recreation or learn a new language. You never know the new language you learn might save you as you travel overseas. Look for open opportunity that will develop your mind and acquire new skills.


4.      Maintain a healthy weight. Good health is the biggest assets that money can never buy, neither can you acquire it as a skill. Therefore, eat healthy food such as food rich in fiber, plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Dark green vegetables are more nutritious. Other recommendations include oatmeal which contain a fiber which lowers cholesterol. High cholesterol level can lead to heart attack and other health complications therefore avoid food rich in animal fat.

Exercise is an important part that plays a major role in maintain healthy weight. Simple daily exercise such as jogging and walking will lead to a healthy and happy retirement.


5.      Discover ways to relax. The world is full of pressure and hassle  that could easily stress anybody. Stress can depress you forcing one to become irritated quickly by trivial issues. This can lead to increase in heart rate, tensing your muscles elevating your blood pressure. Relaxation alleviates ones body response to stress and improve good health and increase happiness. Some relaxation techniques include meditation, listening to soothing music, deep breathing especially when annoyed , watching favorite TV programs and muscle relaxation.


6.      Build new friendship. Choose good like minded friends who will inspire you and walk along with you. A good social network that incorporate family and friends will ensure happiness and life fulfillment. You can join community based activities that will continue even after retirement, or join a religious based organization that have members who have the same objectives and goals.


With these 6 tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement you can retire graceful and counsel others.


Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website and download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at http://www.RetirementBusinessNigeria.com

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