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Passive Income Nigeria - List of Passive Income Streams


1.   Affiliate Marketing

2.   Online Advertising

3.    Amazon Associate

4.    Information products - eBooks, audio, video

5.    Video courses / coaching

6.    Royalties on books, music, inventions

7.    Pay per Post

8.    Subscription offers

9.    Autoresponders - email marketing, rental of subscriber list, influential marketing

10.  Selling other peoples products on commission

11.  Amazon Review sites

12.  Mobile App or game

13.  Kindle eBooks

14.  Online video - YouTube associate

15.  Online investment and trading

16.  Online training academy

17.  Middleman Representative - reselling services, manufacturer’s representative, major distributor

18.  Service Arbitrage 


Others - offline

1. Rental income from real estate - rental home, shops, commercial complex, event centres, hotel

2.  Rentals - party decorations, plates, charging dishes, canopies, storage facilities, cooling vans,

3.  Fixed deposits accounts, treasury bills

4.  Physical books - Best Selling Author / publisher

5.  Mutual Funds

6.  Stocks and Shares

7.  Investment in start-ups

8.  Higher purchase agreements

9.  Multi-level / Network marketing business


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