Passive Income Nigeria - Make money with YouTube

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online while building a passive income stream in Nigeria, If you take the time to do it right, it becomes fully automated, and it has the ability to pay you time and time again, for a long time. So let’s explore how you make money online with YouTube.

One Strategy

Start by finding a YouTube video that has more than one million views and then contact the owner through a private message on YouTube. Tell them you want to purchase their account. Offer them a couple hundred dollars for access to their entire account or maybe just the video. YouTube now integrates this feature, inside the member’s area of your account so it is very easy to do.

The majority of time the owner of the video is a college or high school who put the video on YouTube because they were having a little fun with no idea that they could make money off the video. So when contact them offering them a couple hundred dollars for that video they are easily excited and thinking about all the fun things they can do with the money.

Once you have the video turned over to you, and the account password changed, it’s time to get busy making money. For example, let’s pretend that you purchased a video teaching how to play guitar. How do you make the most of making money off the video?

You could go find an affiliate offering a guitar teaching course. Create your account on one of the affiliate network sites and start looking for an affiliate that will work with the video. Once you have the affiliate link, you will want to mask it with Bitly so you can track the performance. Add this to the first line of your description box.

It is a well established fact when a YouTube video has more than 1 million views you will be able to make a minimum of $100 per day. If you take the time to really target it, you can take that number way higher.

Making money using YouTube is a neat way to build up a passive income stream in Nigeria. While thousands have figured out this little gold mine, the potential has hardly been tapped into. Take advantage of this highly lucrative money making opportunity, before it becomes common knowledge, and these individuals sitting on a potential gold mine realize just what their videos with their 1 million hits are worth. 

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