5 Tips to help you retire rich in Nigeria

  • Strategic Investment Plan
  • Insurance
  • Gold
  • Property
  • Annuity

A person in his or her late fifties looks forward to a peaceful life once they get retired from active service.  They hope for a life without alarm clocks, running to catch the train to commute, no deadlines thrusting by the higher officials and above all, plenty of time to do things that they love to do and that too at a pace they are comfortable with.  But not all those who are retiring can enjoy what they want to do unless they have planned for their retirement well in advance in the early days of their career. 


This calls for careful planning for a hassle free retirement life. The best time to start this is in the early years of career. Investment Plans in Your Thirties are not 'Too Early' for a Secured Happy and Rich Retired Life


 Let us go over some of the areas discussed in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” which highlights 5 key areas that will ensure that you can spend your retired life rich and happy.


Strategic Investment Plan:  This is a good investment idea which if followed will help you retire rich and happy. The plan involves allocating a regular amount from your monthly salary and investing it in Mutual Funds, where in there is a security of the amount invested at the same time a larger return from the profit made from the investments done in the equities by the company in which you have invested.  While your investment grows as the time passes the profits also make it big and give you a good sum to look at when you retire. The best way to do this is to set up a direct debit that transfers the funds every month to your Mutual Funds account.


Insurance:  This is another important thing one should do, in early days of  the career, as soon as the confirmation of your first job set up a life insurance policy. The advantage is that you will be able to take a insurance for a good amount with a small premium (the amount you remit either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly) that is low calculating the longer years you will have before you retire. 


Gold:  ever since its discovery the yellow metal is the reckoned as the standard of security and investment.  Even in the case of a country its credit worthiness is assessed on the basis of the Gold Securities they have in the government treasuries.  It will not be too difficult to purchase them once a year or twice and the appreciation of the same will be a good asset in the latter half of your life.


Property: Another key area that appreciate as the population increases in a given town or city is real estate. Either as land or a house built on the land. The third basic need of man, the ‘shelter’ is always on the appreciation path barring one or two years of recession after which it will pick up again.  Invest on some land and property early in your career days.  It will give you handsome return either as rental income or capital appreciation.


Annuity:  When you receive a good bonus or an increase in your salary when you get a promotion or a career change, invest the difference amount as lump sum in some annuity scheme offered by the banks or some reputed financial houses.  A sum you have invested in your thirties, when reinvested till your retirement will grow many fold to enable you to retire comfortably.


Added to these investment ideas, the gratuity you receive from the organization should help you to live your retired life peacefully, rich and happy.


Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website and download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at http://www.RetirementBusinessNigeria.com

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